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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Protocol

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to update our patients on all the new protocols we have adopted to keep our staff and patients safe. We would like to emphasise that we take infection control very seriously and ensure our sterilisation and disinfecting procedures are done to the highest standard.

Prior to accepting any appointments, we screen and advise all patients who have cold/flu symptoms to postpone treatment. When patients arrive to their appointment, we check for any signs of fever with a thermoscan and ask that patients complete a Covid-19 questionnaire. We have removed our toy box and magazines temporarily to minimise cross-contamination and ask that all patients socially distance, wear a mask and utilise our accessible hand sanitisers in the waiting rooms prior to coming in for treatment. We have Rapid Antigen Test kits available on site available to patients and staff.

We have also introduced a safe, low concentration peroxide rinse that is used prior to all dental procedures. Peroxide has been shown to assist in killing viruses such as the Coronavirus. We only utilise medical grade wipes, sanitisers, hand wash and personal protective wear. Our state-of-the-art dental chair also runs peroxide amongst other disinfectants through its lines to ensure the most sterile dental treatment is being provided.

Digital Dentistry

We are proud to offer state of the art, modern dental equipment. By keeping up to date with the latest advancements in technology, we are able to offer superior dental services for the family.

Digital Imaging – OPG/Panoramic X-RAY

OPG x-rays are essential prior to wisdom teeth removal and braces. They are used to detect infection, growing adult teeth in children that are yet to erupt, root pathology and TMJ abnormalities. Panoramic x-rays can now be taken on the spot at our clinic without requiring a referral to a radiation centre. The process is  comfortable, convenient and takes less than 15 seconds. You can also request your own electronic copy via email immediately! By offering this handy machine onsite, you can count on your dentists to deliver exceptional, accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. OPG x-rays are affordable and can be claimed with your private health insurance.

Digital Scanning – Intraoral Omnicam 2.0 Scanner

We are one of the first dental practices in Australia to introduce this latest type of Dentsply Sirona scanner. The Omnicam 2.0 is able to scan for crowns, bridges, mouthguards, Invisalign and even dentures without using gloopy, uncomfortable impressions. This scanner can analyse your teeth in a matter of minutes and is highly accurate. Dental laboratories will instantly receive your records and can start fabricating your aesthetic work immediately. It is perfect for those who have a gag reflex and are unable to tolerate the discomfort and nasty taste of impressions. There are no additional fees to utilise this scanner as it is part of our modern approach to dental treatment planning. Rest assured that we want to give you the best experience possible!


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