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Sleep Dentistry / Dental Sedation

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Feeling too anxious or scared to get your dental treatment completed? The dentists at Sunshine Family Dental have a dedicated team that can provide you with a number of sedation options where you will feel completely at ease, relaxed and even forget the entire experience afterwards. Our dentists are trained to prescribe and provide instructions for oral sedation however if required, we can provide intravenous sedation where you will be able to sleep lightly through your procedure. Your drowsiness will ensure you do not feel anxious during treatment whatsoever. Sleep dentistry/sedation is completely safe, convenient and affordable.

Prior to the day of sedation, you will have met with Dr Barry Creighton who is fully trained and accredited to provide Intravenous sedation. After a thorough assessment and discussion about the procedure, Dr Barry will answer any of your questions and organise for you to have your treatment done at Sunshine Family Dental.  For more information, please visit  and let one of our dentists know that you are interested!


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