Are you in pain now?

Teeth problems usually happen when you least expect them and can often be a painful experience.

Dental pain can occur for many reasons – however the most important outcome is to immediately alleviate the pain you are experiencing and then determine a permanent solution to ensure you remain pain free.

Sunshine Family Dental Clinic offers emergency dental services and our friendly reception staff can assist to make an immediate appointment for you so we can get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Why should you not ignore your dental pain?

Sometimes, dental pain only occurs in response to eating certain kinds of food, when you eat or drink something cold, or when you brush your teeth. This sort of pain is usually a signal that something requires attention and, if ignored, the issue can deteriorate and the outcome can be much more painful and require urgent treatment.

Any pain you experience in your mouth should be examined by a dental professional as soon as you can get into a clinic and treatment may be simple and straightforward – which is much better than if it is ignored and allowed to deteriorate.

Your immediate well being is our primary concern at Sunshine Family Dental. If you’re experiencing dental pain NOW and need an emergency dentist, then please call us at (03) 9312 0263 and we’ll make time for you.

Remember, the longer you wait, the worse it becomes.


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