Coronavirus/Covid-19 Protocol

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Protocol

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to update our patients on all the new protocols we have adopted to keep our staff and patients safe. We would like to emphasise that we take infection control very seriously and ensure our sterilisation and disinfecting procedures are done to the highest standard.

Prior to accepting any appointments, we screen and advise all patients who have travelled in the last 2 weeks or have cold/flu symptoms to postpone treatment. When patients arrive to their appointment, we check for any signs of fever with a thermoscan. We have removed our toy box and magazines temporarily to minimise cross-contamination and encourage all patients to utilise our accessible hand sanitisers in the waiting rooms prior to coming in for treatment. We ask that anyone accompanying patients give their details, travel and cold/flu history however prefer that patients arrive alone, no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment, to avoid congestion in the waiting rooms.

We have also introduced a safe, low concentration peroxide rinse that is used prior to all dental procedures. Peroxide has been shown to assist in killing viruses such as the Coronavirus. We only utilise medical grade wipes, sanitisers, hand wash and personal protective wear. Our state-of-the-art dental chair also runs peroxide amongst other disinfectants through its lines to ensure the most sterile dental treatment is being provided.

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