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Teeth Whitening

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The quest for the perfect pearly whites is one that has been around for decades and the technology that has been developed to fulfill this has come along way. Here at Sunshine Family Dental, we offer variety of different whitening treatment options. This consists of an initial dental consultation to establish whether your teeth are suitable for this type of treatment, if your teeth are suitable for treatment we will then discuss the available options. Book your whitening appointment now!

No matter what treatment you use there is a chance that your gums and teeth can become more sensitive because of the chemicals being used in the procedure, especially if you already have sensitive teeth, however with a professional consultation the chances of this happening are significantly reduced. Whilst teeth whitening may not be a permanent treatment it can last up to several years, which can be extended by a regular maintenance program with occasional top up sessions and the avoidance of foods and drinks known to cause staining to your teeth, such as red wine, tea or coffee.

Dentists are currently being faced with a new phenomenon called ‘Bleachorexia’ which refers to those that have an obsession with bleaching their teeth in order to get a whiter smile. If you over bleach your teeth they can become brittle and chalky because of the bleaching agent, Carbamide Peroxide, which can lead to hypersensitivity, gum irritations and even translucent blotches appearing on the teeth. Many patients ignore the guidelines set out by their dentist and bleach their teeth more frequently than is recommended which is why these problems often arise, in moderation and with the correct guidelines followed teeth whitening can be safe and effective. Chlorine Dioxide, another ingredient found in many of these treatments has also been know to leave patient's teeth brown or discoloured after the initial process. Achieving the white as snow perfect smile many celebrities have is actually near impossible as they are often the result of porcelain veneers and not teeth whitening treatments or products, however if you’d like to see what results our safe teeth whitening treatment can offer then pop in for a consultation.


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