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A tooth can break for a number of reasons, whether it has been fractured by eating something hard, a decay-induced break or trauma related such as a blow to the face. A lot of the time, a patient may not experience any pain if a tooth has broken, however the protective enamel of the tooth which has fractured away now exposes the vulnerable tooth structure which is susceptible to bacterial infection, which can ultimately lead to pain, root canal therapy and potentially loss of the tooth all together.

Generally, if a tooth has sustained a chip or break, the dentist will assess the damage, advice of an appropriate course of action and repair the tooth on the day of the appointment. Sometimes a tooth will require more of a long term restorative option, such as a structurally supporting porcelain inlay, or crown, where another appointment may be required.

There is usually always a choice as to what treatment option is best for each individual, and this can be discussed at the time of the appointment.

Here at Sunshine Family Dental, we have steered away from amalgam as a restorative material and instead offer White Composite Resin and Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) as direct restorative material. Apart from these two materials, there are other options available.

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